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A lot of folks I talk to on the client or brand side like to substitute “social media” and “digital media relations” for each other, given the context of a conversation. The truth is they’re not exactly synonymous. I’m a firm believer in “all media is social,” but when it comes to talking about “social media” as a practice or service – offered or carried out -there is really only one meaning to me: listening and engaging directly with consumers as part of the social dialogue.

Digital Media Relations (aka: DMR) on the other hand is all about “relationships,” with influencers. As the digital evolution changes the balance of media as  we know it – relationships with “The Media” (any blogger or mainstream-media journalist that has influence) becomes paramount in the PR / communications profession.

Yes, the direct-to-consumer message is unbelievably powerful and cannot be overlooked, but media relations (in-terms of influencing those influencers) is evolving, not dying.

The example above with Scoble is easy because everyone understand he’s uber-connected and you can reach him through all sorts of digital channels (his, yours and the one’s you share – hopefully FriendFeed). However, all of today’s “media” influencers can be engaged (in the right way) through these touch points.

Look at Oprah on Twitter, Larry King’s blog, Chris Nuttall on FriendFeed. Just as “all media is social,” all “media relations” are digital.

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