The Future of Newspaper Dispensers (And the Boston Globe) 4

Even with newspaper sales dwindling, all of those newspaper dispensers on the street might not have to go to waste.  According to the New York Times an artist in Toronto has come up with the idea to turn these dispensers into flower pots around the city. While it seems a little ironic that flowers will now signal the death of newspapers, but it certainly is a bright idea.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe is less them 10 days away from another crucial decision to avoid having their dispensers turned into flower gardens. According to the Boston Herald, members of the Globe’s largest union urged their colleagues to stick it to the New York Times Co. and shoot down management’s cutback proposal during a key upcoming contract concessions vote.

Additionally, New York Magazine is reporting that a group of Boston Globe newsroom employees are circulating a petition that calls on Globe management to limit pay cuts to 5 percent because the contract proposal that seeks approximately twice that amount is in extraordinary danger of being rejected by their union.

While the Globe certainly has a many more difficult decisions ahead, it doesn’t look like gardeners in Boston should be ready for dispenser gardens until at least next summer.

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