Monthly Archives: June 2009

Techmeme’s Top 20 Sources for June 3

Share MG Siegler’s addition to TechCrunch appears to be working out well for Michael Arrington and company. In addition to getting a few stories picked up by CNNMoney, Siegler is also leading TechCrunch in getting stories picked up on Techmeme, the tech industries online daily for the hottest tech news. […]


Pitching the Client Business Story…But to Who? 3

Share As I’ve mentioned before: despite the digital evolution of media, a positive story in one of the incumbent business outlets (Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, etc.) can still provide major value to companies (at least for now). However, over the last six months these magazines have seen their ad pages vanish […]

Nokia Goes with User Created Spot, Spike Lee Declares Death to Agencies 4

Share For ad agencies feeling the squeeze of the “media meltdown,” there’s more bad news on Madison Ave. Amateur film makers are getting into the ad creation business and Spike Lee is declaring “who needs agencies?” This ad embedded above, is something you’d expect from a big house ad agency […]

RaceTalk at Enterprise 2.0 Conference (Part 1 of 2) 5

Share Written with Jackie Lustig This week RaceTalk attended the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston to hear from business and IT professionals who want challenge the status quo and lead the charge to Enterprise 2.0. There were some great panel sessions throughout the conference and below is a summary of […]