Microsoft Is A Little Late to Google’s Party 4

This week Google and Microsoft both made major announcements as Google launched Google Wave while Microsoft launched Bing. While both are newsworthy, it showed that both companies are far apart in their quest to rule the Internet world.

Google Wave offers users the ability to operate an entirely new communication system with real-time typing, easy file-sharing, playback and more (see this post in Mashable for a great guide to Google Wave) and Google’s goal is to completely change the way we communicate online. While there is still a lot to be seen, if Google Wave can incorporate what people are already using (Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, etc.) then it would seem to be in a very strong position.  Additionally, the new file-sharing ability could make it a very useful businesses tool.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying to join the party with Bing, which they hope will turn into the catch-phrase, “I’m not sure when that movie is coming out, I’ll Bing it.” The site is advertised as search engine that will help people make decisions by presenting the best information for users to make informed decisions saving time and money.

While Bing sounds interesting and I look forward to trying it out, I’m left with the feeling that I can get everything the site offers on Google or another site.  However, what Google is presenting with their new Wave product is unparalleled and leaves us wanting to try it out today, not once it is released this fall.

The problem for Microsoft is that while they were putting together a comprehensive search engine that can be catchy and useful, Google was preparing to change the way we communicate.

What do you think of Google Wave and Bing? Which are you most excited about?

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