GigaOM Launches New Revenue Model with GigaOM Pro 3


Om Malik and the GigaOM Network have launched a new revenue model today, taking the form of a subscription-only service called GigaOM Pro. The site, which will cover infrastructure, mobile green IT and consumer, has already launched and subscriptions to the service are currently available for $79 per year.

GigaOM Pro was introduced by Malik this morning and he outlined the thinking that went into the service:

We have created a research-driven platform that allows informed insiders, our community of readers and our network of analysts, editors and reporters to engage on an ongoing basis. We want this to be your one-stop shop for getting a grip on some of the newer technology trends. We are kicking it off by following some of the most rapidly changing sectors of the technology industry…and will add more in the coming weeks.

Malik also notes that it was obvious he would not be able to build a next-generation media entity on advertising revenue alone – a notion that some newspapers may want to think about more closely.

At first look (and without a subscription) GigaOM Pro looks like a great site. Each section is set up similar, and features a weekly update, “long” view, research update and a quarterly wrap-up. There are also data highlights and research, and much of the content is written by GigaOM’s regular contributors.

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