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By now you’ve heard that Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for testing positive to a banned MLB substance. Everyone has weighed in, and many people, including ESPN’s Jason Stark, have called for a better explanation then the carefully crafted statement Manny put out yesterday.

Luckily for Manny, so many MLB players have be caught using steroids that he (and his super agent Scott Boras) can look at how each one managed the storm and figure out the best way to begin Manny’s healing process.  Here are three steps Manny could take (put probably won’t) to re-connect with fans and ask for forgiveness:

1. Be honest: Lying about steroid use is not a smart move because many, many people digging for new information and details. Roger Clemens has thoroughly proved that denial won’t win the heart of fans. Instead Manny should admit what he did, say it was wrong, and ask for forgiveness.

2. Take advantage of social media: While I think this has a zero percent chance of happening, Manny would be greatly benefited to connect with fans directly through social media. By joining Twitter, Manny could interact with fans, show his wacky personality and avoid the media all together (which we all know he does anyway). It would also keep him busy for the next 2 months…

3. Become an example: Manny should do his part to let kids know that steroid use isn’t smart or healthy. By doing this he would be admitting fault and encouraging kids not to cheat and compromise their health to get ahead. While I don’t think this will happen either (you may remember Manny skipping a Red Sox team trip to Walter Reed Medical Center) it would certainly help his reputation.

Do you have any other PR advice for Manny?

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