Twitter’s New Interface 4

It’s amazing how different Twitter and Facebook go about updating their interfaces and layouts.  As Wade Roush recently noted, every time Facebook makes changes half of their user base begins to protest.  However, Twitter’s changes have come on a much smaller scale – and are providing some great new information that just might be able to attract more people to (instead of using TweetDeck, Twirl, etc.)


Twitter now shows users “trending topics” so they can see what is being discussed most, and can follow those topics in just one click. It also allows users to save their searches – a feature that could prove to be very valuable for research and collecting data/information.

The trending topic feature is also a great feature for reporters. I recently listened to a talk Damon Darlin gave in our San Francisco office, and he mentioned that some reporters use Twitter to find what people are interested in and are talking about. This feature now provides them with an easy way to track hot topics in real-time and connect with their audiences better.

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