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The Rupert Murdoch Song 4

Share Jill Sobule , famous for singing  “I Kissed a Girl” and “Supermodel” for the Clueless soundtrack (way back then), sang at the All Things Digital conference earlier this week. There she was asked by Kara Swisher and Co. to put together a quick song on News Corp. big-boss Rupert Murdoch. No word on if […]

Microsoft Is A Little Late to Google’s Party 4

ShareThis week Google and Microsoft both made major announcements as Google launched Google Wave while Microsoft launched Bing. While both are newsworthy, it showed that both companies are far apart in their quest to rule the Internet world. Google Wave offers users the ability to operate an entirely new communication system with real-time typing, easy […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive and Well at TiECON EAST 2009 2

Share Contributed by Diagnosis PR blogger Palmer Reuther Despite the economic downtown, there was a tangible aurora of excitement and significant buzz surrounding what the coming year has in store for the tech industry at TieCON East 2009.  More than 650 serial, emerging and hopeful entrepreneurs joined luminaries and funders at the Westin Hotel in […]


USA Today Copies BusinessWeek, Tweets a Story about Twitter 5

Share Del Jones, who makes a living interviewing CEO’s for USA Today’s Money Section, became the latest reporter to promote their Twitter aptitude with a Money Section cover story today on CEO’s tweeting (Well, it was supposed to be about the USA drifting away from capitalism toward a European-style hybrid of capitalism and socialism). However,  […]

GigaOM Launches New Revenue Model with GigaOM Pro 3

Share Om Malik and the GigaOM Network have launched a new revenue model today, taking the form of a subscription-only service called GigaOM Pro. The site, which will cover infrastructure, mobile green IT and consumer, has already launched and subscriptions to the service are currently available for $79 per year. GigaOM Pro was introduced by […]



New York Times Names Social Media Editor 6

Share   Via an internal memo and external tweet from Deputy Managing Editor Jon Landman, The New York Times appoined their first Social Media Editor today. That appointee is Jennifer Preston, who has spent the last twelve years as a reporter, editor and newsroom manager at The New York Times, and most recently oversaw the […]

Press Releases Aren’t Dead (Yet), But They Need to be Utilized Better Digitally 7

Share How Re-Tweetable are Your Press Releases? – Photo courtesty of and While many folks are ordering tombstones for press releases, the truth is (for now anyways), we still need to leverage them (in an evolved form). Yes, the traditional press release can be taken out to the cow pasture, but an evolving […]


Larry Weber, Alexis Madrigal, Michael Kanellos

Racepoint Talks Clean Tech and Social Media 6

ShareContributed by Joy Engel This morning, WIRED magazine’s Alexis Madrigal and Michael Kanellos of Greentech Media joined W2 Chairman Larry Weber in a panel discussion co-hosted by Racepoint San Francisco and Digital Influence Group on “Powering Clean Tech with Social Media.” Despite the early hour, the panelists jumped right in, discussing hot topics including green […]