Usama Fayyad Joins Larry Weber on the Market Edge 2

In this week’s Market Edge podcast, Larry Weber spoke with former Yahoo! executive Usama Fayyad about about the future of data mining and online advertising.

Fayyad served as the Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Strategic Data Solutions at Yahoo! until he stepped down in September 2008. While he was at Yahoo! Research, Fayyad built the premier scientific research organization to develop the new sciences of the Internet, online marketing and innovative interactive applications.

Today, Fayyad is the founder and CEO of Open Insights, a data strategy, business strategy and technology consulting firm that helps enterprises understand and deploy data-driven solutions. Fayyad also recently joined ChoiceStream Inc. (a Racepoint client) as a member of the board of directors and strategic adviser, and is working to make online display ads more personalized.

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