CTIA Day One: INQ1, Qualcomm Netbook, HTC’s Inner Circle and Garmin 2


INQ Mobile INQ1, currently for sale in the U.K. and Australia, it should arrive in the U.S. later this year.

Courtesy INQ Mobile

Our colleague RJ Bardsley (@rjbardsley), is live at CTIA this week. Here’s his report from day 1 in Las Vegas.

OK – so I don’t want to jinx anything, but the recession didn’t seem to stop the crowds coming out to North America’s premier mobile event.  I had the pleasure of walking the floor for a little while with ARM Holdings’ James Bruce, so I was able to get the ARM (a Racepoint client) perspective on quite a lot of cool new things in mobile.  While I can’t offer too many details, I will say that Qualcomm has a KILLER netbook that was just about the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while. But Qualcomm wasn’t the only happening company at CTIA; there was cool and exciting news from almost every corner of the mobile ecosystem.  Some of the things I found especially compelling include:

  • The Qualcomm partner pavilion was chock-a-block full of cool stuff.  Xandros was there talking about their new Xandros PrestoTM, a full-featured ‘instant on’ solution to power up laptops within seconds.
  • Another hot up and coming company in the Qualcomm booth was iNQ, a spin off of Hutchinson that is offering a social networking mobile phone that is really quite amazing.  Not only does it offer users a fully integrated experience – as in all of your social networks from Facebook to Skype integrated into a single, easy-to-use interface – it also lets you keep open several applications at once.  Want one as badly as I do?  Too bad, you’ll have to wait – no us carrier for now…
  • The PR folks over at HTC let me play with a couple new handsets.   Besides being incredibly sexy (the phones, not the PR folks) HTC phones also debuted the concept of your Inner Circle.  The way it works is that you can set your phone to only deliver email and messages from a select group of people for a set amount of time.  So, if you’re at a tradeshow and you don’t want to be bombarded with emails from everyone, you can set your new HTC Magic to only let through emails from your boss, your clients, and maybe your mom.
  • Big props to Jessica Myers at the Garmin booth for spending time with me to explain the two new-ish Garmin phones, the G60, which bowed last year, and the M20 which launched this year at MWC.  The phones are totally built around location, so basically you can find anything or anybody at anytime – want to go to your friend’s house for dinner?  Look up his/her contact info in your phone book and presto, the Garmin phones plot out a turn-by-turn route to your friend’s house.  Want to talk and get turn-by-turn directions?  No problem, just put the phone in it’s dock and you can talk and go with no interruption.  Check out Garmin’s phones here.

More to come here later today, and throughout the day over on my Twitter account.

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