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16 % of Fortune 500 Blogging, 28 % of Those Linking to Twitter 3

Share Earlier this week the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) came out with the most detailed research to date on Fortune 500 companies blogging (2008 list). While the findings do not include new companies added or omitted for the 2009 Fortune 500 list which was announced in April (John Cass has […]


Reaching Targeted Decision Makers on Your Prospect List with Social Media 4

Share  When I have conversations about breaking into social media with VP’s of corporate communications and marketing – or even CMO’s – at B to B companies, I often hear “There is just so much noise.” What they’re really getting at with this statement, is “the masses” of social media […]



A Conversation with New York Times Technology Editor Damon Darlin 5

Share Damon Darlin recently visited the Racepoint Group to share some thoughts about what it’s like to be technology editor of one of the most influential newspapers in the country and now the fifth most-popular online news destination. While the New York Times like most major news organizations grapple with […]

A Talk With Xconomy’s Wade Roush (Part 2 of 2) 10

ShareLast week we published part 1 of our Q&A with Wade Roush, the Chief Correspondent for Xconomy. Below is the second part of our conversation, which looks at the explosion of Twitter. (note: this interview occurred on 4/17) RaceTalk: As Twitter has become more mainstream (with so many celebrities joining […]



Facebook Doesn’t Rock Its Vote: Less Than 0.3% Turn Out to Pass New Terms of Service, Possible Ban of Iran 2

Share After serving as a springboard to rally a groundswell of voters for President Obama’s campaign, Facebook failed to deliver much of a turnout to the social network’s governance vote. Today Facebook announced the results from their vote, in which users were asked to vote on the site’s Terms of […]

Leslie Reiser Joins Larry Weber on Webmaster Radio 3

Share On Market Edge with Larry Weber this week, Larry was joined by special guest Leslie Reiser, program director for interactive marketing at IBM. Leslie is responsible for defining and delivering IBM’s Web strategy and driving social media marketing efforts in the small and mid-sized business customer set. She managed […]


38% of Journalists Would (Possibly) Receive News from Company Twitter Handles 6

Share The TEKgroup, an Internet software and services company that develops online newsrooms, has come out with findings from their annual Online Newsroom Survey which was given to nearly 1,200 journalists. With the rapid adoption of social media, this year’s survey took a closer look at the social media tools […]