Newspaper Layoffs Hit Boston 3

It should come as no surprise that layoffs/cuts in the newspaper industry has now become a local story.  On Friday the Boston Herald reduced their staff by 24 people through buyouts and layoffs.

13 people voluntary took the buyout offer while 11 people were laid off, the Herald Reported.  The cuts resulted in a 6 percent work force reduction that was primarily on the businesses side of the paper.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe’s deadline for employees to take voluntary buyouts has passed, with a reported 24 people opting for the buyout, 26 short of the needed number. It has previously been reported that the Globe is losing $1 million a week.

The Globe’s parent company, The New York Times, also made headlines last week when they announced 5 percent salary cuts for most employees. Additionally, executive editor Bill Keller said that they paper will eventually face layoffs, probably in the range of 60-70.

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