Yammer Friends Twitter, But Who Will #yam? 12

Starting today, folks who use Twitter and Yammer, can import their Twitter updates into their Yammer streams. As an avid Twitter user, and an occasional Yammer user, the news of integration was music to my ears – bringing internal and external communications together.

However, that was before I realized that you have to insert the #yam (hashtag) into each tweet you want imported into Yammer. While it’s a great idea to sync the two, so you can alert your colleagues to your external communications, the idea of placing #yam in every tweet isn’t necessarily appealing. Instead, the mandatory use of #yam seems like a ploy to grow Yammer’s popularity on Twitter – and I’m sure it will end up trending today.

I think Yammer is extremely beneficial internal communications tool for enterprises (publishers and agencies especially), but I hope they find a better way to integrate with Twitter, without the use of this pointless tag. Are you a Twitter and Yammer user? Will you #yam?

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