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If you think someone has broken into your house, the first reaction is usually to call the police.  But that’s not what David Prager decided to do.  Instead, David decided to use Twitter while his intruder was making himself comfortable in his bathroom, and even set up a live video feed of the events occurring in his house.

As Valleywag reported, David provided everyone with a play-by play of what his intruder was up to, which included entering into house and passing out in the bathroom. Even while others encouraged David to call the police, he continued to share his problem online before trying to solve it.

It’s interesting to see how much Twitter and other social networks have entered the realm of thought, taking precedent over our traditional reactions to a situation.

One great (and fictional) example of this is the Big Bang Theory. In this week’s episode, one of the main characters is riding on a train and sees Summer Glau sitting a few seats way. He approaches her and tries strike up a conversation but is ultimately turned down. However, before going back to his seat he asks Summer if he can take a picture with her to post on his Facebook page.

While the show is silly, the characters often refer to using Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace – showing how these social networks have clearly become mainstream, and more importantly, are influencing our everyday decisions.

Companies and businesses looking to tap into that mainstream audience: take note.

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