Someone Fires at Apple on YouTube, BlackBerry Wins 3

From time-to-time, I like to look at what the folks at are spotlighting with “YouTubeBrandWatch.” The latest to catch their eye, along with 500,000 others, is the the viral video embedded above.

While the video is short – running 17 seconds –

“It’s techie, and, more importantly, it takes a jab at Apple. It emerged on YouTube at the end of February and already has attracted almost 500,000 viewings and mentions in more than 180 blogs in its first week.”

Making it all the more interesting is that RIM – the maker of BlackBerry – had nothing to do with the making of the video. It was created by Guava, a New York creative shop, as a spec to attract new clients (i.e. RIM). RIM turned it down, but is riding its influence nonetheless.

As I’ve mentioned to clients and colleagues before, participation within social media is the future of marketing. If you’re not going to take part, someone else will participate for you. The latter isn’t usually a good thing, although it may be for RIM and BlackBerry in this case. As a BlackBerry Storm user, it fires me up. But what about prospective buyers?

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