Sky News Introduces the World’s First Ever Twitter Correspondent 2

The British are known as an innovative bunch. English computer scientist Timothy Berners-Lee invented this little thing we call the World Wide Web. John Logie Baird was responsible for bringing the concept of television to life. Heck, they even brought us the flushing toilet. However, today they introduced something that may dwarf all of those inventions. Drum roll please.. Introducing the first ever…

Twitter Correspondent: @RuthBarnett (AKA Ruth Barnett).

As my colleague on the other side of the pond recently noted, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, however I couldn’t resist.

Sky News, Ms. Barnett’s employer and Rupert’s 24-HR UK news channel, was the first to enter into official “twitter correspondent” land today, but does the new title change anything?

Don’t get me wrong, Ruth is a great online producer for Sky News. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with her for interviews at CES in the past and she’s very knowledgeable of the tech scene. One memorable moment included Ruth landing an interview – with a spokesperson I was handling – in advance of her counterparts from the BBC. While her interview was wrapping, the BBC showed up ahead of schedule and were waiting in the hallway. Let’s just say there was a little bit of drama that occurred with her crew’s exit, but Ms. Barnett, to her credit, handled it with class.

Anyways, I digress.

Will she be doing anything different than what Rich Sanchez and others have been doing for some time? I’m not really sold on that, but I’m hoping she lasts longer as a Twitter Correspondent than Adam Pasick of Reuters lasted as a Second Life Correspondent.

I do think that crowd-sourcing through digital networks is the future of media, I’m just not sure we need these network-specific titles to go along with it. Why limit the human network you have access to?

I’m sure the folks on Facebook would like to tell Ruth she should use the iPhone for Twittering, and Facebooking for that matter.

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