Does Paid Social Media Work? Gen Y Remains a Hard Sell 8

For a generation – who some believe will spend more than a third of their lives online – Generation Y continues to be a hard sell when it comes to advertising within social networks. According to a survey released today by the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN) less than 50% of Gen Y actually join fan/brand pages. Making you wonder how effective brand advertising will be on Facebook, even as they begin to expand advertisement placements across brand pages.

In addition, findings from the survey, administered to a Gen Y panel at the Lublin School’s IDM Lab, also indicated that while 84 percent of Gen Y’ers noticed ads on social networks, 74 percent say they click infrequently and 36 percent say they don’t click on ads at all. These specific findings seem to scream the need for better targeting of ads within social networks. Although, we’ve seen some targeting missteps along the way (i.e. Facebook’s Beacon), companies like AdParlor are trying to make social network advertising more effective and simple. The time for those companies, is now, especially in the recession.

True to their study, and beliefs, the PMN released the findings via PItch Engine, the growingly popular social media release service. Of course, the results of the survey seem to point to a great opportunity for unpaid media (i.e. PR) within social communities – as marketers look for new avenues to influence and engage consumers with content.

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