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Twitter Mentions – The Next PR, Social Media Metric? 2

Share Yesterday, via the Twitter Blog, Twitter announced a fairly subtle change, which renamed “Replies” (i.e. the use of @username’s) as “Mentions.” Although a simple change, the move makes it possible for Twitter users, and specifically Twitter brand handlers, to track all mentions of a @username or @brand through a […]



NYT’s Absorbs IHT in New Online and Print Global Edition, Kills Inbound Links? 3

Share In an effort to further integrate two of its flagship media outlets, the New York Times Co. made the move Sunday to launch the new “Global Edition” online and in print, which absorbs the International Herald Tribune within the New York Times – as its global paper. The online […]

Newspaper Layoffs Hit Boston 3

Share It should come as no surprise that layoffs/cuts in the newspaper industry has now become a local story.  On Friday the Boston Herald reduced their staff by 24 people through buyouts and layoffs. 13 people voluntary took the buyout offer while 11 people were laid off, the Herald Reported.  […]

Thomson’s Memo to WSJ Staffers Means Even Less Trend Stories 1

Share Robert Thomson has drawn press recently for his comments regarding Google and how it devalues everything it touches.  However, it’s his recent internal memo that has everyone really talking. The memo, which was distributed last Thursday to all Journaland Dow Jones’ staffers (first reported by Chris Roush of Talking […]


Say Hello to the CEO: Chief Editorial Officer? 13

Share The idea may seem far-fetched, and I doubt too many current CEO’s (Chief Executive Officer’s) will go for the working-title, but the idea of having someone within a corporation solely responsible for managing the creation of original, social, non-advertorial, content is already being realized (Look no further than Scott […]

Aberdeen Finds 63 % of Companies Plan to Increase Social Media Marketing Budgets 4

Share More research – this time by Aberdeen Group (Via eMarketer) – suggests that companies are increasing spend on social media marketing at a time when marketing budgets are being cut across industries. As we covered last week, Forrester recently reported that 95% of social media marketers will maintain or […]



VitaminWater Skip-Passes Website, Calls NCAA Hoops Viewers to its Facebook Page in TV Spots 6

Share While it was a good weekend for the top seeds at the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, it was also good weekend for the #2 provider of sports-drinks. Coca-Cola Co. (Coke), who owns 22% of the sports-drink market with Powerade, used the tip-off of “March Madness” to market a non […]