Daily Archives: February 26, 2009

Is Social Lending the Answer to the Credit Crisis? Q&A with Pertuity Direct CEO Kim Muhota 5

Share With APRs on credit cards doubling out of the blue, investment options dwindling and banks tightening their loan policies, RaceTalk connected with Kim Muhota – CEO of Pertuity Direct – to discuss how online social lending could play a significant role in freeing up consumer credit and helping the […]



Your iPhone News, Brought to you by BlackBerry?…Thank Google 4

Share (Click image for full view) Yesterday, Google made a move – somewhat discretely – that many have been expecting for some time. The move, bringing Google AdWords to Google News may seem like a meaningless announcement to some, but it could have vast implications on both the news and […]

Jon Stewart to Jeff Bezos – When did Amazon start making things? 2

Share The Kindle 2.0 launch tour was in full effect earlier this week as Jeff Bezos and his Amazon PR team landed him a spot next to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Jeff came across as a good pitchman, as he did on Oprah last October, however Stewart was […]

Dear PR Week, it’s not about Twitter per se 10

ShareIn an unstunningly simple article in PR Week today (“Twitter has suddenly exploded“) we learn amongst other things that Edelman has 17 twittering staff and Racepoint 8, whilst Drew Benvie has twittered 3779 times. I’d write here things like “AWESOME” and “WOW, HOW ENLIGHTENING”, but I understand sarcasm is the […]