Charlie Rose Weighs in on the Future of Newspapers 3

The micropayment and future of newspapers debate continued on Charlie Rose last night. Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire owner of the New York Daily News and editor of the US News & World Report discussed the topic with Charlie, Walter Isaacson (still on the press trail) and Robert Thomson of the Wall Street Journal.

Interesting quote from Thomson:

“Dead trees are definitely not dead. There is no doubt that in the modern age of content relationships, there is an absolute intensity to the relationship between a reader and a newspaper. Given the Web surfing, ad skipping, channel changing consciousness that is out there; the idea of spending 30 minutes with any medium (The only multi-tasking you are doing is drinking a cup of coffee). That does make newspapers unique. If you talk with ad people they are starting to recognize it.”

He could have added, “again.” Interesting.

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