Daily Archives: February 12, 2009

Charlie Rose Weighs in on the Future of Newspapers 3

Share The micropayment and future of newspapers debate continued on Charlie Rose last night. Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire owner of the New York Daily News and editor of the US News & World Report discussed the topic with Charlie, Walter Isaacson (still on the press trail) and Robert Thomson of […]

While B2B Tech Coverage Moves Online, The Journal is Still the #1 Driver of Business Results 3

Share There’s no doubt that the majority of B2B and enterprise tech coverage has moved online. The move being fostered by the numerous blogs and digital only outlets covering the space: TechCrunch and now TechCrunchIT, ArsTechnica, ReadWriteWeb (Has an enterprise section), GigaOm. In addition trades that cover the space, such […]