The Way You’ll Read the NYT’s Online? 4

Everyone, and I mean everyone is looking for ways to save the old gray lady. The latest idea thrown around the Web is the idea of bringing back (now sophisticated) micropayments. Hey “micro” made blogging cool again didn’t it? How will it work?

Here’s how Rex Sorgatzim imagines it:

(Click on image for full-screen view)

In all seriousness, I like the idea of bringing micropayments to the and Rex presents a nice design.

Only, they have to move fast. To teenage Web surfers and the digital elite, the New York Times borders on irrelevant. It only remains relevant with the liberal elite, corporations, media circles and PR folks like you and me. Each day that the New York Times Co. wastes in adopting some sort of online payment strategy looses prospective paying customers. It won’t be long before even these aforementioned groups come to the realization that they don’t truly NEED to read the New York Times online and they surely don’t need to pay for it.

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