Conde Nast Looses Digital Editor to SAI, Adds Digital Finance Chief, SAI Gets Scooped 2

In another example of blogging about media reporting on media, we blog you the sad tale of Conde Nast and Silicon Alley Insider.

Earlier this week Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider (SAI) announced that he had named Dan Colarusso,’s former Managing Editor, their new Managing Editor. At the time Blodget mentioned that his appointment would mean, “Even better reporting and writing.  And a Brooklyn-bred leadership style.’” He forgot to mention more coverage of Conde Nast publications.

One would think that SAI, with the addition of Colarusso (pictured above), would now be in position to break news coming out of Conde Nast. Not today. Dan Frommer of SAI did end up covering the transfer of New Yorker VP-Publishing Director Drew Schutte (pictured below) to the new position of chief revenue officer at Conde Nast Digital, but only after Nat Ives of Advertising Age broke the story earlier today.

In addition to the SAI / Conde Nast angle, the Schutte move is newsworthy for Conde Nast, who finally appears to be putting money and resources into growing their digital business. However, the question remains, how successful will Schutte be? From Ives and cited by Peter Kafka at All Things Digital:

“Mr. Schutte was tapped to lead The New Yorker in January 2008 but was never as successful there–in an admittedly terrible year for most magazines–as in his previous role overseeing Wired magazine and Wired Digital. The New Yorker’s ad pages declined 26.8 percent last year, according to the Publishers Information Bureau.

Mr. Schutte wouldn’t necessarily have an easier job at Condé Nast Digital. Condé Nast is above all a magazine company, one whose efforts to build revenue online have not gained a lot of traction yet. Condé Nast Digital itself is a new formulation of company strategy in the area.

Condé, publisher of major titles such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, enjoyed a period of double-digit revenue growth earlier this decade, but the recession ended that. The company’s cooler, calmer approach–a departure from earlier years–also seems to have suffered. Last week Condé shut down Domino magazine.”

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2 thoughts on “Conde Nast Looses Digital Editor to SAI, Adds Digital Finance Chief, SAI Gets Scooped

  • guh

    Why would Colarusso know what’s going on at Conde Nast? He got laid off from there with the rest of staff in december.

  • Kyle Austin Post author

    @guh I know they cleared a lot of people from Portfolio and in December, but I’m sure Dan has some other former colleagues, still at Conde Nast, which could serve as good sources moving forward…