13 Percent of Fortune 500 Are Blogging 5

In stumbling through the Twittersphere recently, I came across the link to the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.

The Wiki, which covers Fortune 500 business blogs defined as “active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products,” was originally created by Chris Anderson of Wired and is now maintained by John Cass. It’s a great resource to see what social media efforts these top conglomerates are taking (although not too many of them).

However, according to Debbie Weil the 13 percent, is a 5 percent increase from 2005. A number that will only increase as the years go by.

Update: Through some comments generated by this post and a follow-up conversation with John Cass, he’s recalculated that the percentage of current Fortune 500 companies blogging has dropped from 13.4% to 12%.

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5 thoughts on “13 Percent of Fortune 500 Are Blogging

  • Debbie Weil

    Actually, the Fortune 500 Business Bogging wiki was started almost four years ago by Chris Anderson of Wired. It’s a great resource. Remember, though, it only reports public-facing blogs. There are hundreds more that are internal-only.

  • John Cass

    Hi Kyle, Thanks for the mention of the wiki. I did not develop the original idea, that was Chris Anderson from Wired and Ross Mayfield from SocialText, but I am the current community organizer for the project.

    I think we have seen a slow increase over the last few years with the adoption of blogging by fortune 500 companies. If you look at the companies blogging, a large number are in tech, or telco. We also have quite a few in the airline industry and consumer products. Tech is getting past the early adopter stage while the rest of the industry is still at early adopter level.

    You might also look at Dr. Nora Barnes & Eric Mattson’s work on the Inc 500, colleges and non profits. the percentage of adoption is a lot higher.

    We are looking for bloggers to write reviews of fortune 500 blogs, would you be interested, choices are write a review or interview a fortune 500 blogger. You post the review or interview on your blog, and the wiki links back to the review. We have thirty or so reviews so far.

  • Kyle Austin Post author

    Debbie and John – Thanks for the comments. I should have picked up that this was the same list started by Chris. I will update the post with the correct info.

    Also John – I would like to do Q & A’s with some of the Fortune 500 bloggers. Assume I should reach out to them directly?