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These days press headlines are, in a word, depressing. It seems every media outlet is talking about lay offs, downsizing, bail outs, law suits  . . . the list goes on. Rick Webb and Noah Brier of the interactive marketing agency The Barbarian Group have had enough. They would like their news with a side of optimism.

In today’s New York Times Jenna Wortham reports that Rick Webb and Noah Brier have set up a Twitter account under the name “Media is Thriving” where they only post updates about positive changes in the media industry. How refreshing!

The idea spawned from an existing Twitter account called “Media is Dying” that posts news of lay offs and cut backs happening in the media industry. Rick Webb commends the creators, saying, “I did love the sensation that you’re actually seeing the media die in real time. It’s spooky.”

But, one can only take the bad news for so long. Rick Webb explained, “I was never a ‘good news’ kind of guy, but the bias is starting to bug me. It was bringing me down to only hear about the doom and gloom of the industry, when it’s really not all bad news.”

Thus, “Media is Thriving” was born. In just 6 short days the account has attracted 750 followers. It has also spawned two more versions: “Media is Hiring” and “Media is Changing”.

Now you can get your media industry news in any flavor you choose: Optimistic, Pessimistic, Realistic or Capitalistic.

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