Breaking from Davos: Putin May Not be on Twitter 2

As you’ve probably heard, Scoble and the rest of the social media elite are at Davos# once again this year. Despite the fact that some mainstream media – including the folks at Fortune – have told me it’s trendy not to go in 2009.

Unfortunately, earlier today in the Swiss Alps, Scoble had to face the reality that the whole world is not on Twitter, Qik or Kyte – let alone FriendFeed.

Sounding off via his FriendFeed account, after a presentation to 30 top (non technology) executives from around the world, Scoble noted:

“I just gave a talk to about 30 top executives around the world (non tech) and almost none knew about Twitter, Qik, Kyte.”

It’s easy to understand how this could surprise Robert. When I spent the day driving him around Cambridge and Boston last fall I was taken back by how submerged he had become in FriendFeed. He was borderline obsessed and didn’t seem to mind that he was missing out on all that was transpiring beyond the walls of the tight-knit but relatively small digital community.

While the lack of mainstream adoption of these digital communication technologies may be sobering news to Robert, it points to a huge opportunity for digital media strategists and consultants. Perhaps they could even advise Mr. Putin on his digital media relations strategy?

Of course the big tech-related news out of Davos was Mr. Putin’s run-in with Michael Dell (video below). However, after hearing Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook compare Putin to a “CEO of a big oil company” I wonder if more sinister Putin-related news is about to break out of Davos.

Let’s say Putin was one of those “top 30 executives” that was in attendance for Scoble’s rant on social media (I’m sure there was a few oil execs in attendance) …

If that’s the case, then I may be following a Vladimir imposter on Twitter, which means someone is risking being locked up in the Kremlin and “Pootie-Poot” may be looking for some social media counsel.

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