Het is Fijn, Viral Video

When the TheBigMoney.com launched last year, amid some of the worst days in Wall Street history, James Ledbetter promoted how they would embrace video. One of the ways he told us they would do that was through a feature called “YouTube BrandWatch,” which assesses what corporate-made videos are succeeding viraly by influencing perception of the brand. The star brand on the viral video watch through January?

Well that would be Heineken with the below Dutch-language “beer fridge” ad. According to the TheBigMoney.com’s analysis, the ad:

“Posted to YouTube in the final days of December, (it`s been posted over 60 times) has already generated over 2 million viewings and over 1,400 comments. The one we include here has collected almost 1.5 million views and over 1,200 text comments.”

The more unbelievable number – 76% of readers at TheBigMoney.com think the viral push will enhance Heineken’s brand.

I think Het is Fijn, what do you think?

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