CNN & Facebook Team Up For Obama’s Inauguration 2

When Barack Obama is sworn in as President on January 20, CNN & Facebook will be turning the event social, allowing Facebook users to see a live news feed of their friend’s ‘status updates’ while watching the event.

Facebook members will be able to update their status directly from Live Player, which will be catagorized in the Facebook news feed as ‘via Live.’  The news feed will appear on the right side of the Live Player page, allowing viewers to see both the video and news feed simultainously, somewhat similar to Rick Sanchez’s Twitter based show.

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2 thoughts on “CNN & Facebook Team Up For Obama’s Inauguration

  • Paulette

    Would love to be with you all at this historic time: the beginning of an incredibly difficult mandate. Wishing Barack Obama and his family and team much courage to face the immense pressures by the powers that be, who don’t really want a lot of the changes that we want. Thanks.
    Paulette in Montreal Québec Canada. 23h00 19 january 2009