Forbes Breaks Down Wall with, Lays Off 19

Peter Kafka, the former Silicon Alley Insider and Forbes writer, is reporting from his new digs that his former magazine is laying off 19 people from the editorial department. As part of the move, Forbes and will officially merge into one operation.

Forbes, has somewhat bizarrely insisted on keeping its digital and print operations separate through the years while its competitors like Fortune have embraced having its writers pen for the magazine and the Web. The move to finally bring them together makes perfect sense, as Kafka points out, as long as it is managed correctly. Steve Forbes has a long road in-front of him however, if he hopes to create a Web/print organization that functions like BusinessWeek.

In fact, in New York, Forbes has been housed at 60 Fifth Avenue, while is at 90 Fifth Avenue. If you’ve been on a media tour in NYC and met with folks from both operations, you know that the differences in the two locales made for great lunchtime chatter. It’s no wonder then, that Owen Thomas points out that the print staffers (not let go) are likely not too happy joining their Web counterparts at the 90 Fifth Avenue location.

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