WSJ Raises NYT’s a few Digits 2

(“Tail of the Tape” Courtesy of Valleywag)

With all the turnover, consolidation and closing doors in the media industry over the last several months (Compounded by Michael Arrington’s latest fit); the 2009 media landscape is shaping up to be very different than the one we encountered in January 2008.

On a slightly more upbeat note, the Wall Street Journal threw the latest wrinkle into your media outreach plans this week, by launching its new Digits blog. While those outside of Silicon Valley and the media (& PR) industry may see it as a minor move – it could alter the tech media landscape.

Finally, the Journal has put considerable resources into its technology blogging, in a direct effort to compete with the Times’ Bits Blog.

The Journal’s (now former) Business Technology blog, which was almost solely manned by Ben Worthen, was never easy to find – as editors at the failed to make it an integral aspect of their technology coverage (Something that the has succeeded in doing with Bits). In finally making the official move to Digits, the Journal has a platform for its 22 tech writers (10 more than the NYT’s uses for Bits) to cover breaking technology news in real-time along with news from start-ups, which may not make it into the print issue.

Sure, some will poke fun at the Journal (and perhaps rightly so) for seemingly copying the Bits’ blog structure (Julia Angwin  plays the Bizarro Saul Hansell role) and name (Bits, Digits, Code, Oh-My!).

However, with the Journal’s sources and “inside” reporting, the addition of (not just another) tech blog to an already crowded market is nothing to sneeze at for folks like Michael Arrington and Om Malik. They will break stories and there will be people lining up to talk with them (knowing that they have a new platform to cover more stories).

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