Is CNN Trying to Become the AP? 2

It’s being reported today that CNN is preparing to pitch a new, less expensive wire service to regional newspapers, thus becoming a direct competitor to the Associated Press.

The New York Times reports that CNN has been testing a new wire service for about a month now, which has been on display in some newspapers. However, this week editors from about 30 papers will visit CNN’s headquarters to hear the plans for a broaden service that can provide coverage national, international, and maybe even local news — at lower cost than The A.P.

Upon hearing this news, Associated Press president and CEO Tom Curley took a slap at the CNN Wire, saying that is is ‘remarkably, abysmally written.’

With the newspaper industry going through a mass shakeup, the Associated Press had previously been relatively unaffected to-date. Howeve, about a week ago the A.P. acknowledged that they are in a hiring freeze, and may need to reduce their staff over the next year.

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