A Truly Holistic OLPC Campaign to Change the World: With a Guest Appearance from Tom Brady 4

TAXI New York’s “Give One, Get One, Change the World” campaign

It has been awhile since I’ve had a chance to post. Luckily, I can say that I’ve been busy on some truly great campaigns. One being, our continued work for One Laptop per Child – which recently included launching its second iteration of the “Give a Laptop, Get a Laptop” program (this time globally).

This year the program is being offered through Amazon.com at www.amazon.com/xo (For those in the U.S.) and at www.amazon.co.uk (for those outside the states).

One of my biggest concerns with marketing and communications today, is the wall that lives between marketing, advertising and communications – especially when we begin to talk about social media. 80 percent of marketing executives polled in a recent survey, indicated that social media isn’t integrated into their marketing campaigns. The fact that marketers don’t want real-time brand discussion integrated into their campaigns continues to baffle me.

One Laptop per Child, a non-profit with the audacity to believe it can change the world, recently gave us an opportunity to bring down these usual walls and create a campaign that integrated advertising, online marketing, public relations and social media. With creative industry leaders like TAXI, Google, Six Apart, SWIFT, News Corp, Seth Amgott (of Amgott / Mitchell) and Racepoint Group (among others I’ve forgotten to name); all working towards a common goal – the possibilities seemed endless.

With everything coming together over the last few weeks; it has truly been a whirlwind. Working with the creative folks at TAXI has been a thrill, as they delivered on some moving TV ads, Web spots, display ads and brand videos that truly capture the essence of the project. Seth and the folks at Amgott / Mitchell got Tom Brady (Who passed along that rehab is going well) to come in and film some foreward thinking Web videos. You’ll start to see these across the Internet this week (one embedded below). The great thing about them is our script allowed Tom to directly address Facebook’ers, MySpace’rs, Bloggers and YouTube’rs with alternate beginnings – which should go a long way in encouraging folks to post and view within each of these thriving communities. Six Apart joined in the effort to spread the buzz by rallying its bloggers to join the movement. Meanwhile, we worked on trying to maintain a consistent campaign message across all fronts, secured mainstream media, engaged with top bloggers (Ever heard of One Velociraptor per Child?) and grew the OneLaptop following on Twitter.

The early results – well they’re pretty good. 24 Hours after launching in the U.S, – the XO is the #1 selling laptop on Amazon.com right now. We jumped ahead of John McCain, Sarah Palin and Britney Spear’s with buzz in the Twittersphere, and our buzz in the blogoshere skyrocketed.

A lot of the contributions to this project came from individuals and organizations who donated free time and resources to the cause, in the midst of economic tumult (needs to be mentioned); so the blueprint can’t be copied by every Fortune 1000 company. However, I believe this truly holistic campaign (In the same vein of Barack Obama’s) along with the vision to map advertising, marketing, PR and social media collectively against the overall organizational goals – will be a pattern that sees equal successes in the future.

For now, let’s just try to change the world.

Tom Brady donates his time to reach Facebook’ers, MySpace’rs, YouTube’rs and Bloggers (Post this one to your Facebook profile)

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