Obama’s Victory Propels Newspaper Sales 3

Before his first official day on the job, President-elect Barack Obama was already able to help out the struggling newspaper industry by boosting their sales – in some cases – through the roof.

The New York Times saw a huge increase in demand, and their front page paper is already being auctioned off on eBay for upwards of $100. People have been standing in line for hours at their main office just to get their hands on a copy of Wednesday’s paper, which was sold out and needed to be re-printed.

The Silicon Alley Insider posted a list of the top eBay bids for some newspapers around the country (updated as of this morning):

  • $122.50 for the New York Times
  • $100.00 for the Chicago Tribune
  • $51.00 for the Chicago Sun-Times
  • $51.00 for the Los Angeles Times
  • $41.00 for the New York Post
  • $28.76 for the Chicago Daily Herald
  • $26.00 for the Chicago Northwest Herald
  • $16.50 for the Rockford Register Star (IL)
  • $14.49 for the New York Daily News
  • $12.50 for USA Today
  • $9.49 for the Indianapolis Star

At least the newspapers can enjoy one day of high demand before everyone goes back online.

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