The Amazing Comeback of Saturday Night Live 3

Did anyone even watch Saturday Night Live the last few years? I don’t think I saw one skit besides the YouTube videos of Ashlee Simpson’s lip-sinking disaster.

Now it might be hard pressed to find a more popular show. SNL is currently scoring their highest ratings in over two years, and there is no question that the election and Tina Fey are behind this boost.

In fact, SNL is so popular that the show will be launching a new video site. This site will contain all of the videos from the show, along with some sketches that didn’t make it on the air (some because they probably weren’t funny, others likely for separate reasons).

Regardless of what videos are available, as long as their opening political skits and Tina Fey are on the site it should take off, because right now SNL’s skits are enjoying a larger audience online then during their original broadcast, MediaPost reports:

Online and DVR audiences for the three Tina Fey skits on “Saturday Night Live” spoofing Sarah Palin were twice the size of the original television audience…Among all the people who saw at least one of the three SNL sketches, 33% watched it on television during the original broadcast and a staggering 67% watched after the original broadcast either online or on a DVR.

Now CNN has confirmed that Governor Sarah Palin will be appearing on this week’s episode of SNL (will we be able to tell them apart?), which should produce yet another huge viral video for NBC.

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