Larry Talks With Trend Expert Faith Popcorn

By Ben Haber

During this week’s radio show Larry Weber spoke with Faith Popcorn, ‘trend oracle’ and founder of Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve, about the future of consumer markets.

Faith’s Brain Reserve is a strategic, trends-based marketing consultancy that helps companies look at the present from the other end of the telescope in order to make critical business decisions today. Faith applies her insight regarding cultural and business trends to help clients reposition established brands or companies, develop new products, and define areas of new business opportunity.

(Her Brain Reserve team has a 95% accuracy rate in predicting future trends. For example: casual Fridays, Levi’s ‘Personal Pair’ jean, and on-line grocery stores? That was them.)

Recognized as America’s foremost trend expert, Faith is also the author of the mega-bestseller The Popcorn Report and other books including Clicking and EVEolution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women. Her latest book is titled Dictionary of the Future.

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