More Trouble via Facebook

By Ben Haber

Back in April, I had written about an Israeli solder that was put in jail for posting sensitive images and/or information on their Facebook profile. Apparently, the army has continued to monitor the social network pretty closely.

Another young Israeli has gotten into trouble for evading the army, which was discovered when someone looked at her Facebook profile. According to Jewish & Israel News, Israel’s army is using Facebook to track down draft dodgers:

The army visited the Facebook account of a teenager who was dismissed from army service after declaring she was religious despite attending a secular school, and discovered that she did not lead a religious lifestyle…Pictures on her Facebook account showed that she did not dress in a style acceptable to the religious community and that she attended parties on Shabbat. The army has since drafted her.

This case is just another example of why people need to be careful about what they put online. In fact just to be safe, assume everything you post can and will be seen by everyone. That would sure help avoid one of these messes.

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