Cyprus to the Valley – “Don’t Stop Believen” 3

By Kyle Austin

What do you get when you drop a hand full of creative, 20-something, Silicon Valley types in Cyprus for a week? A “Lip Dub” obviously.

The video, first posted to Vimeo 9 hours ago and picked-up by fellow (jealous) 20-something Dan Frommer (who’s stuck in NYC watching the DOW collapse), features:

(According to Frommer) Facebook Connect dude Dave Morin, his Google girlfriend Brittany Bohnet, Facebook product design lead/former Macster developer Aaron Sittig, Apple producer/designer Jessica Bigarel, WSJ tech reporter Jessica Vascellaro, founder Sam Lessin, cofounder Mike Hudack.

Sitting here writing this post, I’m somewhat jealous myself. However, I must say it beats watching any Julia Allison lip dub. The real question is how many scoops will Vascellaro come back with after 7 days of impromptu musicals with her Lip Dub Brethren? I’m thinking a lot, as long as they all have companies to return to.

UPDATE, 10.14.08: The lip-dub has been made private, but of course we can still watch it thanks to YouTube. You can see the video through Valleywag here.  -BH

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