Manage Your Social Network with Your Voice 2

By Michele Moore

I find it really hard to keep track of every social network I’m a part of and even harder to keep my status on those networks updated. That’s why I was excited to see on gadgetell that there’s a way for me to update all my networks with a simple phone call. and SpinVox are bringing this service to the mainstream by using a Voice Message Conversion System that converts spoken words into text. Instead of manually updating all your networks individually, the service lets you update everything at once with one phone call. The voice-to-text idea was the brainchild of SpinVox co-founder and CEO Christina Domecq who wanted a simpler way to get her voice messages, so in 2003 she created SpinVox. Until recently, was a private beta site; today it supports over 26 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and LinkedIn.

Creating a Ping account is simple. Just to go and enter in your user name and pass code for each of the social networks you want updated – I chose my Twitter account – then use your cell phone to call the Ping through SpinVox number and say your message. The voice recognition technology of SpinVox converts what you say into text and updates your social networks within minutes.

I gave the service a try and I must say I’m impressed with the results: within a few minutes of ending the call my twitter status updated with my message. While I really like the ease-of-use to create a message and I like the idea of updating all my networks at once, you really have to think about what you’re going to say – will what you make sense for all your status updates, or will it fit in the 140-character limit of Twitter? Overall though, the ability to update everything in one place outweighs the limitations.

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