Gmail Saves Us From Ourselves 2

By Lindsey Scott

Yesterday Google engineer Jon Perlow announced a new feature on the official Gmail blog called “Mail Goggles.” The premise of the new feature is simple: users who want to send emails after a certain time on weekends (once enabled the time preferences can be customized for each account) will be required to solve a series of fairly basic math problems before their message can be sent.

The new feature is intended to prevent Gmail users from sending emails they’ll later regret — presumably after an evening filled with one too many cosmos — although AP writer Jessica Mintz notes that Mail Goggles could protect users at other “emotionally vulnerable times,” including before the morning cup of coffee or right after an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Although TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington worries that this announcement might be another one of Google’s well-publicized hoaxes, our only question is – will this be coupled with Android into a mobile version that prevents similar mishaps of the text message variety?

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