Feeling Charitable? Send a Text Message 4

By Molly Galler

Every year around November it happens. You arrive home to a mail box full of not only the card from Grandma and the photo of aunt Trish’s family in matching holiday sweaters, but the never ending pile of solicitations.

During the Holiday period charitable organizations reach out to their donors and make end-of-year requests for donations. It’s the final push before the end of the calendar year. The solicitations often include free gifts – calendars, return address labels, or notepads. These items are intended to be a daily reminder of the good work the organization does and urge you to make a donation. The package also usually includes a pre-addressed envelope for you to send back to the charity with your check for donation.

In a time where snail mail and paying bills with paper checks feels like a thing of the past, charitable organizations are being forced to change up their fundraising tactics. In order to keep donors informed of what’s going on with the organization many charities have chosen to not only create websites tracking their work; but have designed Facebook pages, send email updates to their donors, send crisis alert messages to donors’ phones, track construction projects through Google Earth images, as well as allow donors to make donations with just a simple text message.

In today’s USA Today Andrea Stone commented:

“Technology is gaining fast on tradition . . . One of the newest tools to raise small donations is text messaging. Singer Alicia Keys raised more than $40,000 to combat AIDS in Africa by asking fans during her recent tour, which ended in June, to donate $5 on their cellphones, according to the charity Keep a Child Alive. Jim Manis started the Mobile Giving Foundation in Bellevue, Wash., in 2006 to get wireless companies to pass along donations made by texting. Texting appeals to young adults underrepresented among givers, he says. “It’s a great medium for an impulse gift.”

In these hard economic times, sending a brief text message to make a donation feels much less taxing on the wallet, then sitting down to write a check. Who knew texting could be so generous?

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Charitable? Send a Text Message

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  • Shaon

    I agree I reckon text messaging to raise awareness about something interesting is effective, no wonder people use sms for business. I know charities use it quite a bit because I’ve got a lot of these texts in the past. As long as I know they’re legit I’m a lot more responsive to a text message that those direct marketing people you find in the high street asking you to donate.