Our Presidential Election Has Officially Gone Digital 2

By Ben Haber

Is it even possible to go online without seeing something about the 2009 presidential election?

Between video excerpts of Gov. Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric and the great SNL videos, the web has gone wild with politics.

I’m sure everyone has seen the David Letterman videos about Sen. John McCain along with the other videos from late-night personalities, but what’s great about this election is that the internet has enabled anyone to get involved.

Twitter’s election feature is one example of bringing everyone together to share their opinions. I’ve tried going on it a couple times but it’s simply impossible to keep up with every tweet coming in the feed. Blogs have also had a tremendous impact, as just this week there were blog rumors about Sen. Barack Obama grabbing Sen. Hillary Clinton for his VP at the last second that were just convincing enough for the Los Angeles Times to write an article about it.

Between blogs, online video and social networks like Twitter, the internet has had a huge impact on this election and also enabled us to watch and analyze every move of these political figures. We’ve also had a lot of viral videos on YouTube and other sites, including the one above.

Commercials no longer just appear on TV and radio. They are now made to become viral videos as well. Even the late-night videos have gone viral, as NBC’s highest circulated video ever is Palin/Clinton opening from their first episode.

I have no doubt that after tonight’s debate (actually, during tonight’s debate) the internet will once again be buzzing with comments, analysis, videos, and jokes about Sen. Joe Biden and Palin. It just shows how the Web has enabled us to connect and share information easier then ever before.

Still in doubt? Google is now helping people register to vote.

UPDATE (10/03/08) Shortly after writing this post the Obama campaign released an Obama iPhone application, a tool to help his supporters access up-to-date information about the campaign, news, and what Obama’s been up to. It also has a feature ‘Call Friends’ tool that prioritizes and organizes the contacts in your address book by key battleground states.

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