Google Turns Back Clocks to 2001: TECHCrunch was created, Obama was a Harvard Alum and McCain was Running for the Presidency

By Kyle Austin

As Garret McMahon and @Scobleizer brought to my attention, Google put up an “Old Google” tool today that allows you to go through their oldest remaining search index (circa 2001). Yes, Google engineers and the creative marketing types in Mountain View must have far too much time on their hands. It’s highly likely the celebration of their 10 year anniversary will run into 2009.

All kidding aside, this is a cool tool. Funny to see that folks like Scoble (who says he just started blogging then) still return  results when you search for their names. However, the scary thing is that a lot of the sites from back then no longer exist when you go to click on them. This, Scoble and McMahon note, is another example of the need for a Web preservation policy.

Other interesting finds:

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