Monthly Archives: October 2008

Pam Baker Talks Freelancing, Twitter & PR 8

ShareThis week we were lucky enough to have some time to speak with freelance writer Pam Baker. Pam told us about her job, Twitter, and how to have a successful relationship with a freelance writer. For more information on Pam you can go to her website, or follow her on Twitter: bakercom1. RaceTalk: What’s your […]


Introducing the New, Social AOL 2

Share One time long ago almost everyone heard the memorable line “you’ve got mail”. These days, not so much. However, earlier today AOL launched some new features to the homepage in order to make the site more ‘social networking’ friendly, TechCrunch reported: Users can log into social networks (Bebo, MySpace, Facebook and AIM) to view […]


Jon Fine Gets Grim on Media and Use of the Word “Content” 1

Share By Kyle Austin Over the last couple weeks I’ve managed to distract BusinessWeek’s media columnist Jon Fine from the market tumult and presidential election (which he blames for everything these days) long enough to answer some questions for a Q&A. Here is a bit of our email exchange. RaceTalk: I Caught your recent back and […]

The Global Financial Crisis Hits Home

ShareBy Kyle Austin Yesterday, the expanding global financial crisis hit home. Unfortunately, as has been reported, Racepoint Group made a 20 percent cutback in staff. It’s never easy to part with co-workers and yesterday we lost some very smart and talented public relations practitioners (and fellow bloggers), who are going to be missed dearly. What […]

A Virtual Death Results In Real Prison Time 2

Share Add this to the list of strange stories: A woman in Japan has been arrested (in real life) after deleting her (virtual) ex-husband’s video game identity. The couple was (virtually) married in a video game called Maple Story, and the woman’s (virtual) husband decided he wanted to (virtually) break up. She got upset and […]