Dan Kusnetzky Shares Some Wisdom 2

By Ben Haber

Dan Kusnetzky, the principal analyst and president of the Kusnetzky Group, blogger for ZDnet and columnist for Virtual Strategy Magazine, took some time today to speak with us about his busy life, what he enjoys about his media-related jobs, and virtualization.

RaceTalk: In addition to your full-time job at the Kusnetzky Group, you have a lot going on between your ZDnet blog and Virtual Strategy Magazine column. What do you enjoy most about the media side of your life?

Dan Kusnetzky: I enjoy working with the movers and shakers in the software market. I find most of them to be really interesting people.

RaceTalk: Is there anything you’ve learned about being on the media side of things that stands out to you as a surprise?

DK: Wrong information lives forever on the Internet. It simply is impossible to correct mistaken information as the incorrect information continues to turn up on search engines.

RaceTalk: You wrote a blog post this morning about your dealings with PR people. I know your overall experiences have been very positive, but for someone that hasn’t worked with you before, what’s the most important thing they should know before contacting you?

DK: I’ve been around for quite a number of years and have served in many roles. This means that I generally understand what products are doing and how they are doing it pretty quickly. I would prefer quick overviews of a technology and then a chance to ask questions rather than sitting through a long presentation that spoon feeds the audience.

I also prefer people to be up front about product and services. I’m not fond of people who want me to attend “mystery meetings.” I constantly have to prioritize my time to offer my clients the best service. A mysterious message that doesn’t get to the point is generally escorted to the trash bin.

RaceTalk: Since you’ve been nicknamed ‘the virtual man’, can you give us your take on the crowded virtualization market and where you think it’s headed?

DK: At this point, I’ve spoken with executives of well over 120 different companies who are offering products or services in the areas of virtualization technology.  I expect this technology to revolutionize industry standard system environments much as it did mainframe environments 30 years ago and midrange system environments 20 years ago.

RaceTalk: What types of topics do you enjoy writing about and analyzing the most? (i.e. industry news, product news, case studies, etc.)

DK: I’m always interested in learning more about system software, open source software and virtualization technology. This includes general industry news, product launches and the like.

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