Scoble Chats with Us about FriendFeed and, well, FriendFeed 4

By Kyle Austin

When we finally had  a chance to pull Robert away from his iPhone 3G (He actually turns 3G off for more battery life to enjoy FriendFeed), we got to ask him a few questions for our blog. As he recently posted about, Robert is spending most of his time these days on FriendFeed (Where he has 19,000 followers), enjoying the “Live Web.” While Robert acknowledges that the “Live Web” encompasses Twitter (He has 34,000 folks following him there), he sees FriendFeed as ongoing conversation versus the short bits of information that are shot out and often forgotten about on Twitter.

Of course Twitter feeds into FriendFeed (as long as you link the two), but FriendFeed also allows you to group your “Friends” into different topical categories. Robert obviously follows people in the technology space but he also follows those tracking politics and sports.

He also made an interesting point when noting how the “Live Web” fits into the evolution cycle of the Internet:

“One way I like to look at it is, Web 1.0 was getting a Webpage up there. Web 2.0 was adding people and interactive features to those pages. Web 3.0 is now getting rid of the page all together. Each one of these (updates on FriendFeed) is a URL, so is that really a Webpage? It’s not really a page and now you can access this information through your mobile or through applications like twhirl.”

As Robert mentions in the video above, one of the cool new companies, which got his attention yesterday was Burlington, MA-based neoSaej (A Racepoint client) and makers of Below is a video interview with neoSaej’s CEO Mukesh Chatter (Which Robert shot with his Nokia video phone) and broadcast live over the Internet yesterday afternoon.

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