Mark Cuban’s Advice to Newspapers: ‘Give Up’

By Ben Haber

Last spring Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban banned bloggers from entering the Maverick’s locker room to interview players. His ban (which he later reversed) caused quite the commotion, and he addressed the issue in his personal blog:

“Newspaper blogging is probably the worst marketing and branding move a newspaper can make. The barriers to entry for bloggers are non existent. There are no editorial standards. There are no accuracy standards. We bloggers can and do write whatever we damn well please. Historically newspapers have set some level of standards that they strived to adhere to. By taking on the branding, standard and posting habits of the blogosphere, newspapers have worked their way down to the least common denominator of publishing in what appears to be an effort to troll for page views.”

While at Advertising Week event this week, Cuban was asked about his current advice for newspapers:

“Bankruptcy is probably your best friend because you get to recapitalize and start all over again. It’s not that people don’t or won’t read newspapers, it’s just they won’t in the numbers they have in the past. The only way to get rid of the deadwood and the legacy financial aspect of it is through bankruptcy.”

While Cuban’s advice will likely not be taken by many (if any) newspapers, I’d be interesting to hear if Cuban’s view of bloggers has shifted as newspapers have continued to struggle. As Kyle wrote the other day, bloggers are part of the media even though some people continue to try and separate them from our traditional mainstream press.

Do you think newspapers should take Cuban’s advice and give up, or is there enough demand for our old fashioned source of news?

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