How Your Facebook Page Can Keep You from Getting Hired 2

By Ben Haber

A couple weeks ago Philip wrote about some of the questions you should expect during your first PR job interview. However, in addition to thinking about some answers to possible questions, you should also be sure you’re Facebook page is appropriate.

According to, one of ever three hiring managers search social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to screen job candidates. I’m surprised this number isn’t higher, especially when it’s so easy to access this information.

The study also went in-depth about some of the top areas of concern, highlighting information about alcohol or drug use, inappropriate photos or information, Poor communication skills, inaccurate qualifications, and notes showing links to criminal behavior.

In total, 24 percent of hiring managers found content on social networks that helped convince them to hire a candidate, so this can clearly work both ways.

There are already plenty of internet stories about how Facebook pictures have come to dig someone in a deep hole with their employer (or worse yet, secure prison time) so as eWeek’s Clint Boulton told us before, be careful about what you put online, it could come back to haunt you!

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