Round Two of Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates 1

By Ben Haber

The second Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates commercial came out yesterday, this one taking place in someone’s home where Seinfeld and Gates are living, in order to try and to connect with ‘normal people.’

As Kyle wrote last week, the ads have really not touched on Microsoft at all, and once again are pretty much about nothing.

However, even though the commercials have almost nothing to do with Microsoft, they’re doing a great job at creating buzz and drawing attention to the ads, which is the key to a viral video campaign. This latest ad has been viewed on YouTube well over 300,000 times in less then twenty-four hours – and that’s just one of the uploads.

Also, each time I watch the commercial it seems a little bit funnier each time, making me think that the bad press they received last week was a little bit unwarranted and premature.

What did you think of the latest ad? Are you a fan?

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