Buy Your Plane Tickets on eBay? 8

By Ben Haber

As of this morning, you can now purchase your plane tickets on eBay.

With airline prices already reaching crazy levels, Jet Blue has decided to put some round-trip tickets up for auction. The auctions are set to last either three, five, or seven days, and offer flights from over twenty cities.

Jet Blue is even offering a ‘mystery vacation’ packages that leave from New York (JFK) and go to one of their mystery locations. Some of the mystery packages are in the U.S., while others are deemed international trips.

Jet Blue’s spokesperson, Alison Eshelman, commented on this new initiative: “Fall is typically a slower travel period for customers. As summer comes to an end, they rein in travel plans. By auctioning flights, we’re giving customers a flexible and affordable way to get weekend deals.”

The auctions opened up at five or ten cents, but have quickly climbed to more normal prices. The current bid one round-trip flight from Boston to Washington, D.C. is just $81, while normal cost for the exact same flights is 144.50. The mystery vacations have jumped to higher prices (hotel is included) that range from $1,325 to $3,350.

Is this marketing tactic a good move by Jet Blue? It should definitely attract more prospective travelers to their site and add some additional customers to their traditionally slow travel period. The mystery vacation package is also a good idea, as it provides someone with an item to bid on that doesn’t have a definite value.

However, my big question is whether bidders will be able to snag a good deal. All of the auctions conclude by Sunday, so we’ll know soon!

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