Yahoo! Sports Breaks News That Tom Brady is Done for Year with Torn ACL 1


By Kyle Austin

For Patriots fans, like myself, the nightmare that was the Super Bowl, just got worse. As soon as I heard the words “down goes Brady,” I found myself scrambling to find the latest news on his injury online. Well actually, first I had to re-visit the Sports Guy’s video embedded above to figure out how to revive my dad over the phone.

With the secrecy of the Patriots, which rivals Apple’s when it comes to health issues, I knew whomever broke the news would have a major scoop. I thought the venerable Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe may be the one to tell us, at least he would put it gently. He may be an old media guy but he has a blog now that he could break the news on. Nope. Michael Smith with ESPN, made the jump to the big time from Boston with his NFL sources, but nothing from him either. Maybe the Sports Guy would make a suprise apperance with a post on ESPN or his own blog, after speaking with some of Brady’s friends that he knows. Nope no dice. There was some chatter out of Miami from Jets players, saying they heard Brady had a torn ACL. Mangini must have a camera in the Patriot’s medical room now.

I waited all afternoon, evening and then, Yahoo! Sports’ NFL blogger/writer – Michael Silver – broke the story, citing two sources who said Tom Brady has a torn ACL and is done for the season. Worst nightmare come true.

Peter King, NBC and Sports Illustrated’s NFL Insider, couldn’t even get “ACL” out of his sources live on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” a few minutes later.

Down Goes Brady. Done for the season and Yahoo! Sports got it first. What a bad day.

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